Thursday, November 29, 2012

How I Feel About Raindrops

Sometimes I come to a place in life when I fail to recognize all the marvel and wonder that is this world around me with all of its rain forests of moss and vines, and its oceans that teem with sharks and plankton, and its billions of people, each with their own unique stories and perspectives. And when I fall so deeply into those moments that I cannot even see the birds that soar in the sky, all I need in the world is a five year old little boy peering over my shoulder at a picture book about sharks to remind me that this world we live in is truly marvellous. 

One definition for "refracting" is "to alter by viewing through a medium." Light changes as it passes through different mediums, and sometimes it refracts into the glory of a rainbow that bursts with colour. In spite of my deep love for university biology labs, I am far from being a scientist. But for the purposes of this blog I am going to appropriate this word "refracting." 

Sometimes I need to view life through the eyes of a five year old child who thinks that the white shark is the coolest thing ever and that the world is a better place because it exists. Sometimes I need to see the meaning of life through the perspective of a twelfth century mystic. Sometimes I need to see life more clearly through the lens of my own writing. 

Raindrops are probably one of my least favourite things ever. I just do not love being wet or cold. Life is refracted when I peer through my raindrop-covered glasses and can only see the world blurred before me. But sometimes I need to see raindrops themselves refracted through the lens of reflection, through a friend's perspective, through writing. And it is with the goal of refracting the raindrops around me that I am starting up a new blog, for a new phase of life.